We welcome Weston Bergmann to the podcast for Episode 6. Wes is an active angel investor in several hundred startups across the midwest. He’s also a mainstay character on MTV’s The Challenge for almost fifteen years. His hobbies include soccer, weightlifting, and playing with puppies. He’s married to a yogi.

Given Wes’s background as an athlete, we wanted to chat with him about how his relationship to food, nutrition, and fitness has evolved over the years. He shares some insight into his own personal transformation and how embracing a new balance (instead of resorting to extremes) can create better health and more happiness for everyday life.

Stay tuned after the episode for our Listener Question about exercise: What is the best type of exercise to compliment intuitive eating? And be sure to check out the resources below as we announce some of the new services for virtual coaching with Libre Connections!

Show Notes