Our guest on this episode of “You Can Eat With Us” is Sierra Maguire. She is a Kansas City-based certified personal trainer and the founder and owner of MACfit. She’s grown a supporting, empowering community using fun and a balanced approach to overall healthy living that is exclusively for women. Her recovery story is one of self-discovery and healing, and she’s now discovered her true passion through sweating, enjoying delicious food, and empowering others.  She’s also a wife and mother and is doing great work in the world of fitness and personal training. 

Stay tuned after the episode for our Listener Question about protein – do you really need to focus on protein specifically if your goal is to gain muscle? We chat about that topic from both the sports nutrition side as well as the intuitive eating side. Be sure to listen in, then send in a question of your own if you’re curious about intuitive eating!


Show Notes