Dietitian and blogger Amanda Lambrechts of Spilling the Beans Nutrition joins us for Episode 4 of “You Can Eat With Us”. She shares her personal story with intuitive eating, including the way social media messages have been both eye-opening and helpful in healing her relationship with food and her body. She also shares her wisdom on how we can be more careful about the types of messages we allow in and how they can affect us. 

Be sure to stay tuned after the episode for more on the Tess Holliday Cosmo cover – it sparked a lot of conversation this week and this is your chance to hear our take on it. We want to hear your, too! What does it mean to see plus-size fashion models on the covers of major magazines, and how does that message get interpreted?




Show Notes

Tess Holliday and her Cosmo UK Cover

Here’s a peek at the cover that sparked nearly 7,000 comments on her original Instagram post.