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On Episode 18 we are joined by non-diet dietitian Amy Hanneke. She’s currently based in Denver, CO after recently relocating from southeastern Idaho. She specializes in eating disorders and women’s health. She has a passion for helping restore women’s relationships with food and their bodies and find a flexible and nourishing eating pattern. Amy practices with a Health At Every Size® philosophy, because all bodies are worthy of care and belonging. And we love her because she’s an outspoken advocate for self-care!

We chat about her discovery of intuitive eating and a non-diet approach during a particularly stressful period in her life. She shares some great insight about body trust and how to nurture a more positive relationship with food and your body. Plus, she’s one our team members that supports Libre Connections behind-the-scenes so we’re really excited to introduce her to you in this interview!

As always, stay tuned afterwards for some listener-submitted Q&A. This week’s topic: how to say no when you feel like you’re eating out of obligation.