On Episode 16 we are joined by Tracy Brown, a registered dietitian based in Florida. She shared insight about common fears about trusting the intuitive eating process, especially fears that focus on weight gain and body changes.

Tracy is a somatic nutrition therapist/dietitian, attuned eating coach and embodiment teacher.  She helps people come home to themselves through their bodies  by healing their relationship with food and weight, as well as feel safer and less stressed in their bodies.  For 12 years she has guided people one on one and in group settings to heal from disordered eating and chronic dieting. She also provides training and supervision to health professionals as well at https://tracybrownrd.lpages.co/nondiet-counseling-skills/.

Then stay tuned after the interview for some conversation about how to handle leftovers after a major holiday. These tips are evergreen and can be used anytime you face a fridge full of leftovers and want to ditch the diet mentality. 




Show Notes