On Episode 11 we are joined by Kathleen Meehan, a registered dietitian with an active presence on Instagram. She tackles the topic of thin privilege for us, and this episode explores how we can become more aware of privilege and the role it plays in compassionate healthcare. This is a must-listen episode for anyone who recognizes the need to acknowledge and address thin privilege in conversations about food and nutrition.

Although Kathleen is currently living in Houston, TX, she is originally from New England, where she earned both her undergraduate nutrition degree and a master’s from Boston University. Kathleen has worked in traditional RD roles and has experience as a clinical dietitian and in nutrition counseling on a college campus. Now, Kathleen sees clients virtually using a non-diet, weight inclusive framework. As a true lover of food, Kathleen is eager to help people explore their relationship with food while reexamining what being healthy really means.  

When not working with clients or passionately posting on instagram, Kathleen enjoys finding for travel deals on google flights, attempting to balance a love of reading with a love-hate of mindless tv, and all sorts of movement, from restorative yoga to cycling to hiking in her hometown in Vermont. Enjoy!




Show Notes