Episode 8: Millie Jackson & Being More Human

Our guest for Episode 8 of the "You Can Eat With Us" Podcast is Millie Jackson. She joins us from Alabama, where she leads classes and workshops for meal planning and plant-based cooking. She's also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and writing teacher.  We talked about...

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Episode 6: Weston Bergmann & Letting Go of Extremes

We welcome Weston Bergmann to the podcast for Episode 6. Wes is an active angel investor in several hundred startups across the midwest. He's also a mainstay character on MTV's The Challenge for almost fifteen years. His hobbies include soccer, weightlifting, and...

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Episode 4: Amanda Lambrechts & Social Media Messages

Dietitian and blogger Amanda Lambrechts of Spilling the Beans Nutrition joins us for Episode 4 of "You Can Eat With Us". She shares her personal story with intuitive eating, including the way social media messages have been both eye-opening and helpful in healing her...

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Episode 1: Diet Culture Is a Mean Girl

In this "teaser" episode you'll get to know Libre Connections founder and "You Can Eat With Us" host Cara Harbstreet. She shares a little bit about her background as a dietitian and what you can expect from future episodes in Season 1. Plus, learn about the story...

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Weight Is Not a Behavior

Weight is not a behavior because you can’t simply step on the scale and decide for it to show you a different number. More importantly, that number (whatever it may be) doesn’t assign value or worth to you. It’s not the indicator of health that we’ve been led to...

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