Episode 12: Ryan Stock & Mindful Living

On Episode 12 we are joined by Ryan Stock, a former collegiate athlete and coach and the founder of MindSport. His experiences as a coach and player led him to starting the athlete meditation app, MindSport, which in turn led to the writing of his book "Buddha Was A...

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Gut Health, GI Symptoms and Disordered Eating

Digestive issues, how to heal digestion, and the gut microbiome are all trendy topics lately. Our culture is obsessed with the gut microbiome and because of this, we become obsessed with every symptom happening during normal digestion. If we have bloating or gas, we...

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Episode 8: Millie Jackson & Being More Human

Our guest for Episode 8 of the "You Can Eat With Us" Podcast is Millie Jackson. She joins us from Alabama, where she leads classes and workshops for meal planning and plant-based cooking. She's also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and writing teacher.  We talked about...

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Episode 6: Weston Bergmann & Letting Go of Extremes

We welcome Weston Bergmann to the podcast for Episode 6. Wes is an active angel investor in several hundred startups across the midwest. He's also a mainstay character on MTV's The Challenge for almost fifteen years. His hobbies include soccer, weightlifting, and...

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