Episode 13: Carly Weinstein & Finding Balance During Change

Episode 13: Carly Weinstein & Finding Balance During Change

On Episode 13 we are joined by Carly Weinstein, an active college student and the founder of Au Courant Life, a personal development blog dedicated to helping women lead happy and successful lives.Through the sharing of knowledge, advice, and everyday experiences, the goal of Au Courant Life is break down society’s standards and teach women how to choose a positive path in life. Carly strives to encourage individuality and self-respect and to inspire women to be strong, empowered, and unique individuals. 

In the episode we talk about how turmoil in your personal life can lead to the loss of your identity. Carly shares how she handled a difficult transition and how it led her to intuitive eating. As a college student, she continues to reject diet culture, even amidst the pressures of sorority life on a college campus. 

This week, stay tuned afterwards for more conversation about the nuance of intuitive eating. We share an example of a common “intuitive eating in the wild” question and talk through the thought process we use when we have a day when hunger cues are more or less completely absent. 

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