Episode 7: Amy Reinecke & Braving the Unknown with Intuitive Eating

Our guest for Episode 7 of the “You Can Eat With Us” Podcast is Amy Reinecke. She has struggled with binge eating disorder and negative body image since she was in elementary school. In the last 3 years Amy has embraced her brokenness and learned how to find beauty in her story. She began sharing her weight loss journey on Instagram in 2015, only to realize that even after losing weight there was still work that needed to be done to heal her on the inside. Amy has since left diet culture and is embracing intuitive eating to find freedom from food rules and embrace body kindness.

Amy’s goal is to help other women appreciate their own beautifully broken journey’s and find peace within themselves to live their life to the fullest, regardless of body size, shape or weight stigma. We chat about all this, plus more, including the challenge of your own personal evolution and leaving behind the familiar to brave the unknown.

Amy has been married to her husband for 13 years and they have 2 boys. Amy blogs at Beautifully Broken Journey and is Co-Founder of Spark Media Concepts where she helps other women and small business owners create websites to share their passion and purpose with the world.

Stay tuned after the episode for our Listener Question about self-care – what can you do when self-care feels too time consuming or expensive?




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Episode 6: Weston Bergmann & Letting Go of Extremes

We welcome Weston Bergmann to the podcast for Episode 6. Wes is an active angel investor in several hundred startups across the midwest. He’s also a mainstay character on MTV’s The Challenge for almost fifteen years. His hobbies include soccer, weightlifting, and playing with puppies. He’s married to a yogi.

Given Wes’s background as an athlete, we wanted to chat with him about how his relationship to food, nutrition, and fitness has evolved over the years. He shares some insight into his own personal transformation and how embracing a new balance (instead of resorting to extremes) can create better health and more happiness for everyday life.

Stay tuned after the episode for our Listener Question about exercise: What is the best type of exercise to compliment intuitive eating? And be sure to check out the resources below as we announce some of the new services for virtual coaching with Libre Connections!

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Episode 5: Sierra Maguire & Recovery Through Self-Discovery

Our guest on this episode of “You Can Eat With Us” is Sierra Maguire. She is a Kansas City-based certified personal trainer and the founder and owner of MACfit. She’s grown a supporting, empowering community using fun and a balanced approach to overall healthy living that is exclusively for women. Her recovery story is one of self-discovery and healing, and she’s now discovered her true passion through sweating, enjoying delicious food, and empowering others.  She’s also a wife and mother and is doing great work in the world of fitness and personal training. 

Stay tuned after the episode for our Listener Question about protein – do you really need to focus on protein specifically if your goal is to gain muscle? We chat about that topic from both the sports nutrition side as well as the intuitive eating side. Be sure to listen in, then send in a question of your own if you’re curious about intuitive eating!


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Episode 4: Amanda Lambrechts & Social Media Messages

Dietitian and blogger Amanda Lambrechts of Spilling the Beans Nutrition joins us for Episode 4 of “You Can Eat With Us”. She shares her personal story with intuitive eating, including the way social media messages have been both eye-opening and helpful in healing her relationship with food and her body. She also shares her wisdom on how we can be more careful about the types of messages we allow in and how they can affect us. 

Be sure to stay tuned after the episode for more on the Tess Holliday Cosmo cover – it sparked a lot of conversation this week and this is your chance to hear our take on it. We want to hear your, too! What does it mean to see plus-size fashion models on the covers of major magazines, and how does that message get interpreted?




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Tess Holliday and her Cosmo UK Cover

Here’s a peek at the cover that sparked nearly 7,000 comments on her original Instagram post.