Episode 3: Let’s Talk About Health with Haley Goodrich

Haley Goodrich is a registered dietitian based in Pittsburgh.She is currently pursuing her Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) certification while also staying busy with her private practice, INSPIRD Nutrition, and serving as the co-founder of INSPIRD to SEEK, a community-based learning experience for nutrition entrepreneurs. She joins us on this episode to talk about Health At Every Size (HAES) – what it is, what it isn’t, and how it can help you cultivate a peaceful relationship with food and your body. We chat about what a non-diet dietitian is (because it can be a little confusing!) and do some myth-busting on what actually contributes to better health.

Stay tuned after the episode for more on body image and the thin ideal. We often have a lot of fear around gaining weight with intuitive eating – while this is only one piece of that, some fear often has something to do with letting go of the thin ideal and accepting that our body is meant to look unique to us. We’ll be tackling more on this complex topic in future episodes, so be sure to follow along for more during Season 1!




Show Notes

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  • More on HAES from the Health At Every Size Community
  • The full study referenced in the episode on the absence of metabolic changes following the removal of fat cells and adipose tissue, published in the New England Journal of MedicineNote: This is an example of a single study, so it does not necessarily represent consensus and does not prove correlation or causation. Be aware that the language of the literature may contain fat-phobic or fat-shaming phrases or messages. 
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Episode 2: What Is Intuitive Eating? With Guest Rachael Hartley

Our first guest on “You Can Eat With Us” is Rachael Hartley, RD, LD, CDE, CLT. She is a Columbia, SC-based nutrition therapist and nationally-recognized food and nutrition expert. Rachael began her career as a clinical dietitian and, later, as the outpatient dietitian for a large medical center before opening her private practice in 2014. She now specializes in intuitive eating, disordered eating, and digestive disorders.

She joins us to share an overview of intuitive eating and what it means to start rejecting the rules of dieting. She also shares her love for one of her favorite foods (and we totally get the excitement!) and some of the tools she uses to support people through some of the challenges of intuitive eating.

Stay tuned after the episode for our Listener Question about the principle of Intuitive Eating and why it’s so crucial to reject the diet mentality first.




Show Notes

Episode 1: Diet Culture Is a Mean Girl

In this “teaser” episode you’ll get to know Libre Connections founder and “You Can Eat With Us” host Cara Harbstreet. She shares a little bit about her background as a dietitian and what you can expect from future episodes in Season 1. Plus, learn about the story behind the name and what it means to say, “You Can Eat With Us!”

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Weight Is Not a Behavior

Weight is not a behavior because you can’t simply step on the scale and decide for it to show you a different number. More importantly, that number (whatever it may be) doesn’t assign value or worth to you. It’s not the indicator of health that we’ve been led to believe and we have the evidence to support that weight is less important than healthful behaviors.

What are healthful behaviors?

Health is a complex topic but it encompasses aspects of physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as other pieces of total well-being such as our relationships, financial well-being, and the boundaries we set on our time and energy.

You may be wondering, if weight isn’t what matters, what does? Here are a few of the healthful behaviors that our team at Libre Connections prefers to focus on instead:

  • Eating in a way that provides nourishment, pleasure, and convenience for your lifestyle
  • Engaging in joyful movement that leaves your body feeling the way you want it to
  • Practicing self-care on a regular basis
  • Cultivating habits that support healthy relationships with friends, family, and coworkers
  • Making health- or food-related decisions that come from a place of partnership and connection with your body, not fear or self-loathing

This list is not all-inclusive. There are many other ways for individual people to define what healthful behaviors look like for them. But in general, these habits promote health, can improve overall well-being, help manage or treat symptoms of chronic disease or other health conditions, and allow you to live out YOUR values.

They’re more liberating than strict food rules and have the flexibility to adapt to you and your needs. If you’re interested in learning more about support and tools for building healthful behaviors, please reach out to us at hello@libreconnections.com to learn more about virtual coaching options and other resources from our team.