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Craving Freedom?

Diets Don’t Work

But you probably already knew that – you’ve gone through the cycle of on-again, off-again and been on the roller coaster of success and failure. You’re not alone. Over 90% of diets fail but that’s on them, not you. The diet industry makes billions of dollars each year banking on this failure rate, all in the pursuit of health. Is it working for you?

What We Believe


Weight is Not a Behavior

You can’t step on the scale and force it to tell you something else. But, you can focus on finding balance in your everyday life, free from judgement or shame.


Food is More Than Fuel

It’s also a way to connect with each other and enjoy something that makes us feel good. You are meant for so much more than simply counting calories or tracking macros.


Health Looks Different

If we all ate and exercised the exact same way, our bodies would still look different. Wellness is more than weight and health looks different for all of us.


You Deserve Help that Really Helps

Diets don’t work long term, so what does? We’re here to help you reconnect with your body and advocate for what’s right for you


How We Do It


Personalized Assessment

Health is not one-size-fits-all and neither is the way you work with someone. The first questions we ask you help us find the right fit when we pair you with your dietitian.


Individualized Care

We listen and learn as much as you will, making sure the information and recommendations you receive are practical and realistic for the lifestyle you want for yourself.

Dietitian on Demand

Connect by text, voice, or video to receive as much support as you need every month. Your personal dietitian is never more than a few clicks away

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Libre Connections was born from the idea that by connecting with the right people to guide us, we can access the food freedom and body liberation that diet culture has stolen from us.



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